Tuition for lessons is $130 and is collected at the beginning of each month and includes at least four lessons. Your tuition will be prorated if your lesson day falls on a holiday or if i am out of town. I do not do make-up lessons due to the possibility of my students receiving five lessons in a month. The fifth lesson can be looked at as a bonus for good attendance or as a make-up for any missed lessons. I teach 50 minute sessions for accelerated students and 30 minute sessions for my beginner through intermediate students.

I ask that my students bring their music and notebook to class for all their lessons. In addition, my jazz students should bring a recording device and blank cd's to our lessons.

I expect the parents to listen to their children practice in some capacity (while cooking, cleaning, etc.) In my formative years, my father would ask me about piano and would always listen to me practice. His interest in my studies expedited my learning process; therefore, I suggest having your children perform for you and your guests on a regular basis.

We have two recitals per year. Our winter recital takes place at Bachus Conservatory and our spring recital takes place outdoors at Central Market.